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Services and Approach

Therapy sessions are 45 minutes long and are usually held once or twice a week, based on your treatment needs and scheduling availability.

My approach is referred to as relational psychotherapy which is based on the premise that relationships are critically important in shaping who we are as people and how we experience the world. With this in mind, we spend time in therapy talking about current and past relationships, with the goal of helping you to develop more fulfilling, intimate, and authentic relationships today and in turn, to feel better emotionally and physically.

Although my primary orientation is relational, I routinely integrate techniques from other models of psychotherapy, including cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT), and family therapy as needed.

In less clinical terms, clients and colleagues of mine have described me as a warm, empathic person who creates a comfortable and safe therapeutic environment. Contrary to the distant, silent stereotype of a psychoanalyst, I am a real person in the room, meaning that I respond to what you tell me, ask questions, and will even share a laugh with you. In my view, the therapeutic relationship is a partnership in which we work together to help you create the life you desire.

I work with adults, adolescents, individuals, groups, couples, and families on a wide range of issues, including but not limited to:

• Depression
• Anxiety
• Eating disorders
• Life transitions
• Job stress
• School stress
• Relationship difficulties
• Body image struggles
• Weight concerns
• Sexual concerns
• Chronic illness and disability
• Physical symptoms
• Trauma
• Sexual assault
• Abuse

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